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Newborn baby stuns doctors by holding her own bottle (in the UK)

A baby girl has amazed doctors with her ability to hold her own feeding bottle. Two-week-old Ammra was able to grasp her bottle alone just three days after she was born at Queen’s Hospital, Romford in Essex, her mother Onyi Chiedozie said.The 20-year-old, who is using a combination of breast and bottle feeding, said doctors and nurses were stunned by the baby’s ability to master her strong grip so soon after she was born.


What a blessing. Black excellence.

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This makes me even more excited for Fall. MY BODY IS READY AND SO IS MY CLOSET.

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"But Jesus. Even when I can’t muster the strength to open my bible or I’m too mentally worn out to talk to Him, I am still overwhelmed by the promise of His presence. Even when I can’t see Him, I still want to choose Him."

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